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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uvune an advertising company?
Yes, Uvune is an advertising company. However, it also focuses on connecting suppliers to buyers to foster business transactions.
Is Uvune just an online company?
While we have a registered address and a physical office in accordance with the corporate regulations of Nigeria, the business we conduct is mainly online. This includes running ads for our subscribers, and also connecting merchants and purchasers on our online platform.
As a supplier, how many products can I advertise?
Generally, you are permitted to upload ten (10) pictures of your products free of charge. If you intend to upload more pictures, you are more than welcome to subscribe to any one of our premium packages.
How much do I pay for posting on Uvune?
Currently, posting on Uvune is totally free. However, once we kick off our various paid packages, you’ll be the first to know.
Are companies and suppliers verified before posting on Uvune?
As a mark of authenticity, we ensure that companies and suppliers are duly registered and verified on our platform before they post their products. In some instances, however, the profile of some companies that are still undergoing registration might be seen. In such cases, we clearly indicate that such users have not been verified, and strongly discourage transacting with them before their verification.
Does Uvune accept payment for supplier's product ?
No! Uvune does not accept, and will not ask you for payment for a supplier’s products. Uvune is concerned with only bringing suppliers and buyers together for the sake of commerce. The mode and the pattern of payment are strictly up to the two parties involved, and Uvune does not interfere in the matter.
Are perishable items also posted for sale on Uvune?
Yes. suppliers are allowed to post perishable goods. However, certain rules are laid down in our terms and conditions for such products.
How do we confirm that suppliers have the exact items posted on Uvune?
Before suppliers post products on Uvune, our trusted officials visit their place of business for the sake of stock-taking. During the exercise, we find out the products the suppliers sell and ensure that they are merchantable. This is conducted in a friendly atmosphere and eliminates any form of misrepresentation. If a supplier posts a picture that is significantly different from the picture and records we have of his stock, he is immediately answerable to the Uvune team or runs the risk of having his profile deactivated.
How does Uvune handle companies or suppliers with similar or the same products?
Uvune totally welcomes the idea of various suppliers dealing in the same or similar products. It eliminates the concept of monopoly and gives a fair idea about the cost of the products. It allows makes room for comparison of quality and other relevant factors.
How does Uvune prevent scammers from utilizing users’ data on Uvune?
We have the latest technological security, data protection, and privacy framework in place to protect your confidential details from prying eyes.